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AC For Water Treatment

The product uses high quality coal as raw material. It is carefully made by advanced technological equipments. It looks like some columnar dull-black granules. It is a kind of activated-charcoal with many characteristics. It has big specific surface area. Suitable hole structure and high mechanical strength. It can withstand high temperatures and high pressures. It can not easily be tattered. It can be easily regenerated. It has a long using lifetime, and is widely used for flue gas desulfuration in heating power plant, oil refinery, petro-chemical works, chemical fibre industry, etc. Raw material gas desulfuration in chemical fertilizer industry, as well as removing sulphide from gas, natural gas and other chemical industries. Also the best additive in composing carbon bisulfide.

Spec Activated Carbon uses Air Desulfuration
ZY-2.0 ZY-3.0 ZY-4.0
Hardness(%) >95 >93 >90
Sulphur Capacity(mg/g) 850 900 950
Specific Surface Area(m2/g) 800 850 900
Ash Content(%) <15 <15 <15
Moisture(%) <3 <3 <3
Grain Diameter(mm) Φ2.0 Φ3.0 Φ4.0
Loading Density(g/l) 470-540 470-520 470-510

Spec ZY-5.0 Activated Carbon uses Fe2o3 Decolourant
A(usually temperature) B(middel-temperature)
Colour brow red-brown
Specifications(mm) 16x5 6x5
Diameter(mm) 5.0 5.0
Fe2o3 content(%) >50 >90
Pile Density(kg/l) 0.7-0.8 1.4-1.5
Specific Surface Area (m2/g) 80 20-30
Side Hardness(n/m) 50 110-170
through Sulphur Capacity (%) ≥30 ≥20
Amount Sulphur Capacity (%) ≥40 ≥80
Saturation Sulphur Lapacity(%) 50 /

Spec ZY-6.0 Activated Carbon uses liquid desulfuration
Colour yellow or brown
Diameter(mm) 5.5-6
Altitude(mm) 1-15
Pile Density(kg/l) 0.5-0.55
Specific surface Area(m2/g) 5-15